Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Lexus Models near Chicago, IL

March 9th, 2020 by

Besides your home, your automobile may be the most expensive purchase that you make. Many drivers are looking to save as much money as possible on their Lexus purchase, and one of the best ways of doing that is by purchasing a pre-owned model.

Here at Woodfield Lexus, drivers near Chicago, IL already know about our large selection of new Lexus cars. But did you know that we also carry a wide selection of pre-owned Lexus cars? Our dealers would like to share the benefits that come with buying a pre-owned Lexus car instead of a new one.

Cost Effective

The main reason that most drivers choose to purchase a pre-owned Lexus car is because of cost. The old adage that a car loses thousands of dollars when you first drive it off the lot is still true, and this is due to a phenomenon known as depreciation. The most extreme depreciation occurs during the first few years of ownership, so by purchasing a vehicle that is just a couple of years old, you can avoid the majority of the worst depreciation.

Another reason why pre-owned Lexus cars are so much more affordable is because of decreased registration fees. In the majority of states, annual registration fees are based on the car’s value and its model year, which means the fees for a pre-owned car are lower.

Other Benefits

Here at Woodfield Lexus, we ensure that every pre-owned Lexus car we sell is in top condition. If you want the best-quality pre-owned vehicles, you can shop our L/Certified inventory, which only features the newest, lowest-mile, and best-condition Lexus certified pre-owned cars.

To shop our wide selection of pre-owned Lexus vehicles like the Lexus RX 350, head into Woodfield Lexus today.

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