What You Need to Know About Car Insurance near Chicago

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You can turn to our experts at Woodfield Lexus to guide you in the right direction when it comes to your questions about being a driver. Not only can we help you find the right new Lexus vehicle that is best for you, but we can also provide assistance with financing a Lexus, getting quality maintenance and repairs done for your Lexus, and much more. One of the most important aspects of driving a Lexus in the Chicago area is having car insurance.

What Car Insurance Is and Why It’s Important

Beyond the fact that having car insurance is a requirement to drive on the road, it’s incredibly helpful for a number of reasons. In the event that you end up getting in an accident, having a car insurance policy prevents you from having to pay huge expenses on your own. Car insurance helps cover the costs of repairs to your vehicle or medical bills if you are involved in an accident. If the incident was your fault, then your insurance helps cover damages for the other drivers involved.

This process is a far cry from the early days of driving, where covering the costs of repairs or medical bills was financially devastating. Back then, they would also often have to go to court to determine who was at fault, resulting in even more expenses and stress.

Insurance Coverage Options

Whether you’ve purchased a new Lexus from our Lexus dealership near Chicago or you drive any other vehicle, you will want to find an insurance policy that fits your budget and covers what you need. Every driver is required to at least have liability insurance, making sure the other party receives compensation if you are at fault. Other optional insurance policies are worth looking into:

Collision: This policy covers the costs of repairs to your car after an accident.

Comprehensive: This policy covers damages when there is no other car involved, including storm damage, theft, or vandalism.

Uninsured Motorist: In the event that you are hit by a driver who is illegally driving without insurance, this plan will ensure you still get compensated.

Each plan will vary in cost depending on the coverage you choose, your average mileage, and the type of car you drive. For answers to your other automotive questions, don’t hesitate to contact or visit our Schaumburg Lexus dealership today.