Essential Maintenance at Woodfield Lexus

September 19th, 2019 by

When you choose Woodfield Lexus to find your new Lexus car, not only will you drive off in the luxury car that is just right for you but you’ll also know exactly where to go for expert Lexus service. Our team here at our Lexus dealership near Chicago is always ready to perform top-quality Lexus maintenance and repairs to keep your car driving like new for as long as possible.

Importance of Maintenance

Getting your car serviced may seem like an unpleasant interruption to your schedule, but it is well worth your time. Your service schedule that can be found in your owner’s manual is designed to keep your car running its best so you can get the most from your Lexus car. If you ignore your regular service schedule, you can end up with more of a headache on your hands later, when you have to take care of costly repairs. Plus, proper maintenance on your car will allow you to experience your car’s performance the way it was intended for longer.

Here at our Schaumburg Lexus service center, our certified technicians will take great care of your car when you bring it in for routine service.

Lexus Maintenance Checklist

Tires: Maintaining a grip on the road is crucial to safe driving. We’ll be sure to check your tire pressure and tread depth when you visit our shop. We can also rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to make sure they wear evenly.

Oil: Keeping your engine lubricated with fresh oil will prevent it from wearing down due to friction, and help protect it from contaminates.

Brakes: If you notice unusual sounds from your brakes or find yourself struggling to come to a complete stop, be sure to bring your car to our shop right away so we can improve your brakes with new OEM Lexus parts.

Other Essentials: Our team here at our Lexus dealership can also make sure your lights, car battery, and wipers are in good condition. It’s important to keep up with changing fluids, like coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

Schedule your service appointment today to keep your car driving smoothly for longer. Be sure to also check out our regular Lexus service specials. We look forward to helping you with all your driving needs!

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