How to Choose a New or Pre-Owned Car for Your Teen Driver

February 12th, 2020 by

It’s not unusual for parents to want to reward their kids with a vehicle when they earn their driver’s licenses. Even if you’ve already decided to get a car for the newest driver in your family, you still have another decision to make. Now, it’s time for you to decide whether you’re going to get a new or pre-owned vehicle for your child.

New vs. Pre-Owned Lexus Models for Your Teen

Choosing between a new and pre-owned Lexus vehicle can be a challenge. Our new and previously owned automobiles at our Schaumburg, IL Lexus dealership have plenty to offer, but just because it’s difficult to choose between a new and pre-owned Lexus model doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Whether you want to get a new Lexus IS or one of the pre-owned Lexus vehicles in our inventory, you should keep your budget and safety in mind. While your child might not regret it if you go over budget, you may experience buyer’s remorse if you spend too much on a new or new-to-your-child vehicle.

The old rule of thumb used to be to get older, bigger vehicles for your teen driver. Now, many parents gravitate to new or newer automobiles because they often have more advanced safety features. For example, the new Lexus IS is outfitted with the Lexus Safety System+ suite of safety features, which includes adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, among others.

If you don’t want to buy a new car that has all the latest safety equipment, you should at least look for a pre-owned automobile that has electronic stability control. Beginning with the 2012 model-year, cars with a gross vehicle weight of less than 10,000 pounds are required to have ESC, so you should limit your search to pre-owned cars from that model-year or later.

For more tips on how to choose between a new and pre-owned model, contact Woodfield Lexus.

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